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Greater Mobile Counseling Services
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Greater Mobile Counseling Services

We offer a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, where individuals and families can find support for a wide range of behavioral, psychological, emotional, and educational challenges.

About Us

We care about our clients and our community and will work tirelessly to achieve exceptional results for you.


Qlarity Counseling offers a variety of mental health services for individuals, couples and families.

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Ready to get started? Call or Click to request an appointment. Telehealth is available for Alabama residents.

Qlarity seeks to help individuals, couples, and families build better lives, to create harmony in their relationships, and to establish the psychological framework with which they can best pursue their life’s goals.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to the principles of compassion, understanding, and the utilization of established psychotherapeutic methods to help each client develop the skills and resilience to work through his or her life’s challenges. While psychotherapy is oftentimes not easy work and entails challenging periods of emotional expression, psychotherapy changes lives. We believe that through human engagement in a therapeutic milieu, the process will help each client learn the adaptive skills and build the necessary fortitude to live life markedly closer to the fulfilling one they imagine for themselves.